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I’m Super,

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(More) Filming

So, I’m writing a play.

(Wanky and pretentious. The post log will confirm that I definitely warned you.) Continue reading

Jukebox: So Long, Good-Bye – 10 Years

So, this was unexpected. 10 Years was previously unheard of to me, the song above having been discovered among a chilled-out compilation. On finding they’re some kind of metal band, I wondered if perhaps I’d mixed up one 10 Years for another; So Long, Good-Bye is a wonderfully mellow song, and nothing much like the … Continue reading


We’re making a film, don’t ya know. Continue reading

Jukebox: Young Lust – Pink Floyd

Yeah, yeah, I know; talking about The Wall is close to a criminal offense by this point, especially considering I wasn’t even born when it was released. I don’t know, ’cause I wasn’t there, man. Continue reading

Jukebox: God & Satan – Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro is fairly new to me. I’ve got Blackened Sky, which I like roughly half of, and I’ve skipped ahead to the latest album, Only Revolutions. I’d already heard That Golden Rule, which turned me off the album outright, but I gave it another go. God & Satan is my current favourite; as it … Continue reading


There is a knock at your door. Answering, you find a man in a dark coat standing on your porch; a typically shady goverment type. One of the Them. You ask him what he wants.

“In three days we will remove one of your senses,” he says dispassionately. “We will allow you the choice of which sense to be removed.” Continue reading

Jukebox: Timshel – Mumford & Sons

Little Lion Man is the most well-known (the only-well-known?) of the band’s thus-far slim output, but Timshel caught my ear. Part Tracy Chapman, part Paul Simon, it put a big grin on my face as soon as I heard it. Continue reading


Fireworks are just patterned lights in the sky, right? Is there a point where they stop being magical and glittering, and become a little… same-y? I think I’ve reached that point. I don’t want to come off as a Morrissey-esque figure, wanking on about how crappy and working-class his life is ad tedium, but…. Continue reading

Wanky and Pretentious

Seriously, keep this phrase in mind as you’re reading. It’ll help.