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The Visit

Expecting a festive update? Well, meh. I’ll probably get around to it at some point. Until that so-far hypothetical time, how about a story? Continue reading


Gramophone: Wuji Main Theme – Klaus Badelt

The Gramophone being the Jukebox’s more arch and archaic cousin. If you will, the John Williams to the Jukebox’s John Lennon; the David Arnold to the David Bowie; the Johann Sebastian Bach to the, uh… Bachman-Turner Overdrive? Essentially, classical and score music be found in the Gramophone. Continue reading

Jukebox: Birds Without Wings – David Gray

Poor David Gray. I tend to think of him in the same manner as having the impulse to suffix any opinion with, “But what do I know, I like James Blunt”. Continue reading


Do you have a plan for Christmas shopping? I don’t. Oh, I generally know what I’m after (or at least, who I’m buying for) but sitting in kitchens carefully crunching out scribbled lists on yellow paper hasn’t been my thing. Continue reading


So, I was fucking nervous about this. We’d shot a run-through of Scene Three (the big Act Two/Act Three combi that makes up 90% of Negotiator) with an assortment of crew and friends as our characters rather than the actors we had or hadn’t yet cast at that point. We all had to double up … Continue reading


Two, to be precise, and they were stonking, to use some rather misappropriated aero-linguism. Continue reading