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Shameless; brilliant, but so annoying. Paul Abbot’s taken all the best ideas! I wanted those! Advertisements


So, I brought a ‘Flexi-Lite’. Which is a pen-torch on some kind of plastic appendage looking like an overgrown strawberry bootlace. Cheap little thing from Hawkins Bazaar. It’ll probably run out in a month. Why did I buy it? Because it clips on to books. Specifically, notepads. Which means I brought a piece of equipment … Continue reading

‘The Storyteller’

How much of human life is lost in waiting? Nice. A double-hander to wave away my Januarian absence and hopefully set an apropriately aloof tone for the story I’m about to share. This is, possibly, going to be part of my dissertation, which is essentially comprised of a bunch of short stories. Easy, huh? Well, … Continue reading