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Diary of a Soul Fiend

A thing about music. Continue reading


What’s It All About

…when you get right down to it? Have a lovely fake rant for your lovely sunny afternoon. Continue reading

Review: A Christmas Carol – Murray Gold (2011)

This soundtrack from the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special has been out for a good while now, but with all things Who gearing up all over again (and considering I’m on a reviewing trip) I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts on Murray Gold’s pull-the-other-one-it’s-got-jingle-bells-on score to A Christmas Carol. Continue reading

…Even Though All It’s Famous for Is a Prison

Dartmoor is beautiful. Look at that photo. We found that isolated reservoir after taking a little, inobtrusive side-road just before those vast expanses that look more like Colorado than South West England. Continue reading


Our new film. That is, Wingless Films, the collaboration between myself and Jim Elton. We’ve been doing the amateur short film thing for a few years now, so check out the back catalogue. There’s more to come. Continue reading

Due to Overwhelming Popular Demand

Everyone seems to love Collapse Into Now, which is cool. They’re calling it the band’s revival, and return to form (which isn’t cool for 2008’s poor Accelerate, but still). Continue reading

I Love Faces, Unless They’re Grumpy Looking

Thank you, Twitter. You gave me this.

As I’m writing, #treyfollowmenext is trending. As a Twitterite, I dutifully investigated this “trey” who appears to have charisma enough to provoke the entirety of Twitter into begging him to follow it, and I found… well, this. Oh, and I had to share. Continue reading

In the Future, There Will Be Templates

I have a website, now. Continue reading

…Like I’d Never Been Away

There’s this story, right? Doctor Who is coming back, which means we’ll all be scratching our heads over wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey mishaps for the next seven weeks. And that’s either the right climate for the script I’m writing, or it’s absolutely the wrong one. Continue reading