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What Can You Pla-ay?

Notes So FarMusic news.

I’m not a musician. I can’t compose; I can’t read music, and I certainly can’t write it. What I can do is fiddle around with my M-Audio keyboard, then fiddle around some more with Ableton Suite 8, until I get something that at least isn’t off-key all the way through. It’s worked okay so far.

I get my inspiration from composers — real ones. I’ve done quick covers of Murray Gold (“I Am the Doctor” and “Little Amelia“, based on Stephen Willis‘s arrangement), I’ve started learning a bit of the old Ludwig Van, and recently I nicked a bassline from Ennio Morricone and some chimes from John Barry; both of which have been used for Things to Come, related to some future Wingless Films. I’m a little proud of them.

So, that’s how it goes; piece by piece. I’ve gone back and tidied up a few of my older tracks, after having taught myself a lesson in structuring my notes. “Forth Bridge“, the weird “Carnival of Wonders” and “50“, from the short film of the same name. I also collected up all the half-decent tracks I’ve made into a playlist (cos I’m sad like that) and I was pleased to find I’ve got roughly seventy minutes of music I’m happy to put my name to. Not bad. Seventy minutes, and counting.

In other music news, and because it’s a fantastic combination, here’s Muse doing Ennio Morricone (thankfully not by me).

– Tom

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