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Just a Whole Bunch of Music

I do music. Not necessarily very well or professionally, but I do it anyway. Here’s a rundown of new and new(ish) stuff.

  • Stuck” and “Midian Melody” are the latest. More like demos, really; both piano-y things, the second having occured while I was mucking about trying to get Yesterday.
  • Captain Quay” has a bit of I Am the Doctor about it.
  • Music for 5 String Productions is an assortment of tracks I made for Laimis and the 5 String guys, after he requested something In Bruge-y. Cue the doomy pianos (though not all of the (doomier) tracks are up yet; only the ones used in The Disposal).
  • Wingers Into Battle” was what happened when I got bored of doomy piano and started another of my irregular attempts to make an action/adventure cue.
  • All Angels is short and sweet music I did on the fly for the Wingless Films documentary (coming up soon) of the same name.
  • I reworked “Earth Symphony I” and “Earth Symphony III” to make them sound slightly less harsh.

More soon: Wingless Films has three projects on the slate (four, technically), and I’m doing the music for all of ’em. That’s An Itch in Time, our timey-wimey wotsit that already has a couple of preview cues up; a short film set in Princetown; and another project, summink about space ‘n’ stuff…

‘Til then, give your ears a bashing with some proper music: Mumford & Sons at Glastonbury.

– Tom



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