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The Room of Ideas

It’s funny where you get your ideas from. And by “funny”, I mean perfectly logical and reasonable. That’s the thing about developing a certain self-reflexivity towards your writing; you can see where the connections have been made. Not all the time, of course, but there have been moments over the past few days when I’ve … Continue reading

An Itch in Time – the unreleased music

An Itch in Time is the film that never was. For now, all that remains of the film are twenty-six tracks of music created for Ben’s travels in time. Continue reading

The American Journey

Our American journey is over.

It’s strange to be at a point where Spirit of the Frontier, our epic homage to the western genre, is now something we are looking back on, rather than anticipating. The film has come together better than I could have hoped, considering this is our biggest and most ambitious film to date. A lot could have gone wrong. It didn’t. Continue reading


Have you seen the short film Wingless? How about the sci-fi two-parter Capsule? Well, Limelight Awards certainly have. Both films have been nominated in the Limelight Film & Arts Awards 2011, which is great news. Well, actually Capsule Part 2 was nominated rather than Part 1, but we had to submit them separately. It’s the … Continue reading

Video Killed the Radio Star, YouTube Killed the Video Star

I have a vlog. Here it is. Why? Boredom, mostly, which is largely why most vlogs get started, I guess. This one’s about THE NEW FILM, and it’s got some other stuff in it. Oh, just watch it. I feel daft summarizing a vlog. But, filming happens next week (Monday, unless there’s lightning) so hopefully … Continue reading

…Even Though All It’s Famous for Is a Prison

Dartmoor is beautiful. Look at that photo. We found that isolated reservoir after taking a little, inobtrusive side-road just before those vast expanses that look more like Colorado than South West England. Continue reading


Our new film. That is, Wingless Films, the collaboration between myself and Jim Elton. We’ve been doing the amateur short film thing for a few years now, so check out the back catalogue. There’s more to come. Continue reading

…Like I’d Never Been Away

There’s this story, right? Doctor Who is coming back, which means we’ll all be scratching our heads over wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey mishaps for the next seven weeks. And that’s either the right climate for the script I’m writing, or it’s absolutely the wrong one. Continue reading


Do you have a plan for Christmas shopping? I don’t. Oh, I generally know what I’m after (or at least, who I’m buying for) but sitting in kitchens carefully crunching out scribbled lists on yellow paper hasn’t been my thing. Continue reading


So, I was fucking nervous about this. We’d shot a run-through of Scene Three (the big Act Two/Act Three combi that makes up 90% of Negotiator) with an assortment of crew and friends as our characters rather than the actors we had or hadn’t yet cast at that point. We all had to double up … Continue reading