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Just a Whole Bunch of Music

I do music. Not necessarily very well or professionally, but I do it anyway. Here’s a rundown of new and new(ish) stuff. “Stuck” and “Midian Melody” are the latest. More like demos, really; both piano-y things, the second having occured while I was mucking about trying to get Yesterday. “Captain Quay” has a bit of … Continue reading

What Can You Pla-ay?

Music news. I’m not a musician. I can’t compose; I can’t read music, and I certainly can’t write it. What I can do is fiddle around with my M-Audio keyboard, then fiddle around some more with Ableton Suite 8, until I get something that at least isn’t off-key all the way through. It’s worked okay … Continue reading

Diary of a Soul Fiend

A thing about music. Continue reading

Review: A Christmas Carol – Murray Gold (2011)

This soundtrack from the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special has been out for a good while now, but with all things Who gearing up all over again (and considering I’m on a reviewing trip) I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts on Murray Gold’s pull-the-other-one-it’s-got-jingle-bells-on score to A Christmas Carol. Continue reading

Due to Overwhelming Popular Demand

Everyone seems to love Collapse Into Now, which is cool. They’re calling it the band’s revival, and return to form (which isn’t cool for 2008’s poor Accelerate, but still). Continue reading

I Love Faces, Unless They’re Grumpy Looking

Thank you, Twitter. You gave me this.

As I’m writing, #treyfollowmenext is trending. As a Twitterite, I dutifully investigated this “trey” who appears to have charisma enough to provoke the entirety of Twitter into begging him to follow it, and I found… well, this. Oh, and I had to share. Continue reading

…Like I’d Never Been Away

There’s this story, right? Doctor Who is coming back, which means we’ll all be scratching our heads over wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey mishaps for the next seven weeks. And that’s either the right climate for the script I’m writing, or it’s absolutely the wrong one. Continue reading

Doctor Who

…is brilliant. Like Charlie Brooker said, it effortlessly bypasses the big, moody, ponytail-wearing cynical polyp that pushes all the other bits of your brain around like so many Newcastle supporters, and taps your giddy little inner child on the shoulder and gives it a balloon. And Matt Smith is that shiny, over-sized, stretched-rubber-faced balloon. Even … Continue reading


As in, dissertation; that bane of so many a student’s life. I quite like it. No, hold on, come back. See, when I refer to ‘dissertation’, what I myself am actually referring to is a collection of short stories Wot I Wrote under the pretext of a creative dissection of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with … Continue reading

Jukebox: Birds Without Wings – David Gray

Poor David Gray. I tend to think of him in the same manner as having the impulse to suffix any opinion with, “But what do I know, I like James Blunt”. Continue reading