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An Itch in Time – the unreleased music

An Itch in Time is the film that never was. For now, all that remains of the film are twenty-six tracks of music created for Ben’s travels in time. Continue reading


Latitude Festival, Part 3

Having trounced an invite for tea by sleeping in till midday, we instead wandered off for breakfast in the pouring rain. We ended up taking shelter by the food truck, and dashing between cover, usually cowering in the Word Arena tent. Fortunately, this was where Adam Ant flounced onto stage, dressed for all the world … Continue reading

Latitude Festival, Part 2

We had tea in the morning. Which sounds civilized, but being a newbie, I’d overlooked packing things like… cups, so my makeshift drinking vessel was a Pot Noodle (Sticky Rib) pot. No matter how much I washed it, my poor tea was infused by an extract of ribs. On the plus side, the supermarket (One … Continue reading

Latitude Festival, Part 1

My First Festival. I’ve been to concerts and gigs, but not a festival. I was expecting mud and music. There were other things in between. I’m not writing my memoirs here, so let’s keep to the fallback beloved by Powerpoint presenters everywhere — the bullet-point list. Except without bullet points. Here’s Latitude Festival 2011. Saw … Continue reading

Just a Whole Bunch of Music

I do music. Not necessarily very well or professionally, but I do it anyway. Here’s a rundown of new and new(ish) stuff. “Stuck” and “Midian Melody” are the latest. More like demos, really; both piano-y things, the second having occured while I was mucking about trying to get Yesterday. “Captain Quay” has a bit of … Continue reading

The American Journey

Our American journey is over.

It’s strange to be at a point where Spirit of the Frontier, our epic homage to the western genre, is now something we are looking back on, rather than anticipating. The film has come together better than I could have hoped, considering this is our biggest and most ambitious film to date. A lot could have gone wrong. It didn’t. Continue reading

What Can You Pla-ay?

Music news. I’m not a musician. I can’t compose; I can’t read music, and I certainly can’t write it. What I can do is fiddle around with my M-Audio keyboard, then fiddle around some more with Ableton Suite 8, until I get something that at least isn’t off-key all the way through. It’s worked okay … Continue reading

Diary of a Soul Fiend

A thing about music. Continue reading

Review: A Christmas Carol – Murray Gold (2011)

This soundtrack from the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special has been out for a good while now, but with all things Who gearing up all over again (and considering I’m on a reviewing trip) I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts on Murray Gold’s pull-the-other-one-it’s-got-jingle-bells-on score to A Christmas Carol. Continue reading


Our new film. That is, Wingless Films, the collaboration between myself and Jim Elton. We’ve been doing the amateur short film thing for a few years now, so check out the back catalogue. There’s more to come. Continue reading