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The Room of Ideas

It’s funny where you get your ideas from. And by “funny”, I mean perfectly logical and reasonable. That’s the thing about developing a certain self-reflexivity towards your writing; you can see where the connections have been made. Not all the time, of course, but there have been moments over the past few days when I’ve … Continue reading

…Like I’d Never Been Away

There’s this story, right? Doctor Who is coming back, which means we’ll all be scratching our heads over wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey mishaps for the next seven weeks. And that’s either the right climate for the script I’m writing, or it’s absolutely the wrong one. Continue reading


There’s a story I’ve been trying to tell since Iwas a kid playing with my Star Wars toys.

I’m still writing it now. Continue reading


Long time, no blog. I’m off to Spain for ten days tomorrow. I’ve never flown before; the closest I’ve got to leaving the country is taking a boat to Christchurch or going over the Severn Bridge. Nervous, but in a good way. Mainly I’m stopping by ol’ WordPress to drop this off; a little fairy-tale … Continue reading

Doctor Who

…is brilliant. Like Charlie Brooker said, it effortlessly bypasses the big, moody, ponytail-wearing cynical polyp that pushes all the other bits of your brain around like so many Newcastle supporters, and taps your giddy little inner child on the shoulder and gives it a balloon. And Matt Smith is that shiny, over-sized, stretched-rubber-faced balloon. Even … Continue reading


As in, dissertation; that bane of so many a student’s life. I quite like it. No, hold on, come back. See, when I refer to ‘dissertation’, what I myself am actually referring to is a collection of short stories Wot I Wrote under the pretext of a creative dissection of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with … Continue reading


So, I brought a ‘Flexi-Lite’. Which is a pen-torch on some kind of plastic appendage looking like an overgrown strawberry bootlace. Cheap little thing from Hawkins Bazaar. It’ll probably run out in a month. Why did I buy it? Because it clips on to books. Specifically, notepads. Which means I brought a piece of equipment … Continue reading

‘The Storyteller’

How much of human life is lost in waiting? Nice. A double-hander to wave away my Januarian absence and hopefully set an apropriately aloof tone for the story I’m about to share. This is, possibly, going to be part of my dissertation, which is essentially comprised of a bunch of short stories. Easy, huh? Well, … Continue reading

The Visit

Expecting a festive update? Well, meh. I’ll probably get around to it at some point. Until that so-far hypothetical time, how about a story? Continue reading